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0.7969, 0.3355, 0.2936, 0.1468

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Q: A basketball player makes 80 percent of his free throws during the regular season consider his 8 free throws what is the probability he will make exactly 6 free throws?
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What is the probability of 33.3 percent?

The probability of 33.3 percent is 0.333.

What is a probability of 75 percent?

probability of 75 percent = 3/4

What is the probability that Gary makes exactly 3 sales out of 4 calls with a 70 percent calling rate?


How do you find the percent of probability?

You multiply the probability by 100.

What is the probability that a 70 percent free throw shooter would make 1 of 2 shots?

The probability the shooter makes both shots is .7 * .7 = .49, and the probability of making neither is .3 * .3 = .09. So the probability of making exactly 1 out of 2 is 1 - .49 - .9 = .42, or 42 percent.

Probability that you pass English is 50 percent and the probability that you pass history is 40 percent the probability that you pass both is 30 percent What is the probability that you pass English?

Refer back to the first clause. The answer is 50 per cent!

Probability of rain on monday is what is the probability of no rain on Monday?

IF probability of rain is X percent then probability of no rain is 100- X percent. For example if prob of rain is 80% prob of no rain is 20%

Can probability be written as percent?


What is the probability of an event not occurring if the probability of an event occurring is 20 percent?


How do you solve this probability hard question So every year 88 percent of birds in a house die There are 7 birds in total Whats the probability that exactly 5 will live and 2 will die that year?

The question is:So every year, 88% of birds in a house die.There are 7 birds in total.What's the probability that exactly 5 will live and 2 will die that year?

What us the probability that 4 out of 8 dolphins are cured when treated with an antibiotic that cures 98 percent of all dolphins?

pr(exactly 4 out of 8 cured) = ₈C₄ × (98/100)⁴ × (1 - 98/100)⁴ = 103305233920/10000000000000000 ≈ 0.00001

What will be the highest probability percent?

100%, which is a certainty.

What is the decimal probability of 42 percent?


Can there be a probability greater than 100 percent?


Probability 1 of 90 percent?


What is the probability of one or 100 percent?

It is a certainty.

Are decimals used in probability?

Yes decimals are used in probability; also percent and odds.

What is the probability of 40 out of 10 as a percent?

40 out of 10 is not possible so the probability is 0.

What is the probability for a student in a dormitory to be selected if 10 percent of the students live in dormitories and a random sample of 100 is selected?

The probability is 10 percent.

Percent of playing basketball?

69 percent of canadians

The probability for heart disease in a population is 30 percent the probability for the flu in the population is 50 percent the probability of getting both is 10 percent why or why not?

When determining the probability that two events happen at the same time, you convert the percents to decimals and then multiply the percents together. Therefore, 30 percent, or .3, times 50 percent, or .5 .3 x .5 = .15 Converting back into a percentage, the answer is 15% probability that you will get both. 10% is therefore incorrect.

What is the probability of the sun rising tommorow?

The probability is a 50/50 percent chance that the sun will rise.

Can a probability assume a negative value?

No. Probability is always represented as a positive ratio/fraction/percent.

Can probability be higher than 100 percent... Say you have 4 oil wells each with a 30 percent chance of hitting ...Isn't the calculated probability of one hitting 120 percent?

No. Probability is defined as a number between 0 and 1 (100 percent). If you have four oil wells, each with a probability of hitting being 30%, then the probability of at least one hitting is 100% - (100% - 30%)4, or about 76%.

How do you find the probability of a percent?

Go to math class!

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