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20 shots were 3's

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Q: A basketball player made 100 baskets if four fifths of the baskets were 2 point shots how many of them were 3 point shots?
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What are the baskets?

Baskets are the hoop in basketball. They are meant to be there to throw basketballs into. That is the only way to score a point.

Why is a player called a point guard?

A point guard is so named in the game of basketball because they are the first measure of defense. The point guard is usually the player that is closest to the opposing team. This player works defense and shoots for baskets whenever possible.

How many points are in 536 baskets?

Baskets in basket ball are worth two points, but if the basketball is shot behind the 3-point line it is worth three ponts

When basketball first started how many points was each basketball?

Free throws were 1 point all other baskets were 2 points there was no 3 point line until the NBA merged with the ABA. the ABA invented the 3-point arc introducing it to the NBA in their merge in1976

What is the smallest player on a basketball team called?

The point guard

Is there a basketball player named Everly?

Yes there is a basketball player named Everly. His name is Jake Everly and he plays college basketball. He plays point guard. For more information search his name.

On TV the term 3 pointer is in which sport?

A three point play is possible in Basketball. A three point play occurs when a player is fouled while he or she is shooting, and that shot goes in.

How many points if a player in basketball shots next to the ring?

Only 1 point.

In the game of basketball player scoring by shooting a ball through a basket the basket is also called a goal?

Nope! Basketball uses a point system with each basket earning that player or team 2 points. If it makes it in while the player is outside of the 3-point line, they earn 3 points! :)

What female basketball player has the most 3 point shots in a NCAA game?

shaquille o'neal

What happens when a basketball player puts the ball in the wrong basket?

the point goes to the other team.

What is a point called in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.