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10 yards

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Q: A baseball diamond has 90 ft between each base A sofball diamond has 60 ft between each base How many yards longer is the space between bases an a baseball diamond than a softball diamond?
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Is it better to wear softball cleats for softball or soccer cleats for softball?

Softball/baseball cleats are best for sofball. Soccer cleats do not provide the proper tracton for dirt.

Is a sofball harder to hit than a baseball?

It said that a softball is harder to hit because of the force it comes in at is greater in the highest levels of softball then is baseball, also the underhand motion causes the ball to have an upward movement which is hard to master then the downward movement of a baseball.

looking for fast pitch sofball pitching machine?

you can purchase one on this website:

Why was baseball sofball dropped from Olympics?

Both sports did not receive enough votes by the International Olympic Committee members to continue

How do you pitch in a Sofball game?


How was sofball invented and when it became a big sport?

1956, 1976

Name 10 Sports which were included on the sports programme on the sports in 1911?

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What is considered to be one of greatest victories for sofball enthusiasts?

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In fastpitch sofball how many feet from homeplate is the pitchers mound?

For softball here is the distance for all age levels from themound to the plate. Ages 7-9: 30 feet Ages 10-12: 35 feet Ages 13- Highschool: 40 feet College level pitchers: 43 feet Men's League Fast Pitch is 46 feet

How does math have to do with sofball?

Well, besides simple distance/velocity/time problems you could do with running, there are also physics applications (a ball is hit directly upwards at 8m/s, when will it have a velocity of zero... etc), and also there are countless statistics, such as batting average, on-base percentage... (all of which could be found on a stats page of any baseball site, such as

How do you order the batters for the batting line up?

I am a competitive fast-pitch sofball player. The rules for creating a batting line-up are... (I'm going to say what kind of player you would put in each slot.) 1. Someone who is a fast runner, and has very good shortball (bunting and slapping). This person is usually a lefty (bats left handed). 2. The second batter should also be a fast runner, but should be very smart, and patient. This person should be able to hit, bunt, slap, push, drag, and sacrifice. Her job is to move the first batter around, and hopefully get on base. So, this batter should definitely have good instincts. 3. The number three hitter should be a big hitter. This girl's job is to get batter(s) 1 and/or 2 home. 4. and 5. Both of these batters should be big girls and are what we call "Powerhouses". These girls should be powerful hitters, who could bring in more runs. 6. Slot six is more of a laid back slot. This batter should be a quicky. And, she should be able to hit to the right side alot. This helps the runners advance, while the ball is going the opposite direction. 7. and 8. Someone who is a good hitter and an overall good batter. 9. This batter should almost directly reflect the number two batter, because in most cases, this hitter will be before the "slapper". So, the # 9 batter bunts to get on base, and then the "slapper" slaps, and gets on. Then, the all around good player smashes one out. 10. Batter number ten is an oppositional hitter, (EP, EH, DH, DP)