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The ball is played from where it stops. If you can't hit it out of the hazard, take the drop and penalty.

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Q: A ball crosses a water hazard and rolls back into the water?
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What if you take a drop from casual water and the ball roles back into casual water?

If you drop it and it rolls back into the water, you take another free drop, if this rolls back into the water you place the ball where it touched the ground on the second drop. Remember, no nearer the hole.

What is the Procedures for taking relief from casual water hazard in golf?

There is no such thing as a casual water hazard, there is either casual water or a water hazard. Casual water is anywhere through the green where you take your stance and what is clearly visible. To get relief from this you get a one club length drop from the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. A water hazard is usually marked with yellow stakes. If you are in the water hazard you have the option to play the ball or take a penalty drop (1 stroke) You can * Take a two club length drop, from the nearest point of relief (which is the spot where you are no longer in the hazard) * Use the designated drop zone * Go back to as near as possible to where you played that previous shot from * or, go back as far back as you want, keeping the point where your ball entered the hazard between yourself and the pin and play another shot. (you can't drop in another hazard)

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If a ball is struck towards a water hazard and cannot be found what is the ruling?

The key thing is you must know that the ball has went into the water hazard. If it has done so you either play another ball from your original positon, take a two club drop from the edge of the hazard or on a line with the pin and where the ball entered take the ball back as far as you want. There is a one shot penalty for hitting it into the water hazard.

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What are the rules for lateral water hazard in golf?

If a ball is struck into a lateral water hazard the options are: 1. Replay the shot 2. drop two clubs from the point that the ball entered the hazard no closer to the hole. 3. Drop a ball two club lengths from the hazard on the opposite side of the hazard the same distance away. 4. Take the ball as far back keeping the line that the ball crossed the hazard and the pin.

You hit the ball over a lateral waterhazad the ball hit the ground on the other side and roles back in the water Where do you drop the ball?

The ball would be dropped at the point of impact no closer to the hole, unless there is a designated "Drop Area". If there is not the player is to drop their ball, and if it rolls back into the water this step is repeated. If it rolls back in again, then the ball is placed at point of impact.

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