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If your coach said that you are good at hurdles and you want to participate in the 80m hurdle race, don't back out. If you are good at jumping hurdles and have not fallen before, there is no reason to be scared of fallen while participating in the race.

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Q: A 80m hurdle race soon and im scared of falling when jumping over the hurdles also track coach said im good at jumping hurdles but maybe to back out of this race?
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There is a 80m hurdle race soon and im are scared of falling when jumping over the hurdles also track coach said im are good at jumping hurdles but back out of this race?

You need to make your own decision on running the 80m hurdle race. It might be best to face your fear of falling when jumping over the hurdles. Your track coach sees your potential. I wouldn't back out of the race. Try something new!

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