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short stop

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Q: 8 Who has first priority to catching a fly ball on the infield?
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What determines a fly ball or a ground ball in Baseball?

If a batted ball hits the ground before both (1) leaving the infield and (2) a fielder has a chance of catching it, that is (generally) considered a ground ball. If it leaves the infield without touching the ground or a fielder has a chance of catching it, that is considered a fly ball. A ball that does not much of an arc to its motion is often called a "line drive" instead of a "fly ball."

Does the infield fly rule apply to a bunted ball?

No, as long as it is a fair ball. Once the umpire signals the infield fly rule the batter is automatically out. However, if the ball is dropped and is ruled a foul ball, the umpire reverses his call and the batter continues his turn at bat. Nevertheless, the batter can not reach first from that batted ball. You will often find an umpire state "Infield fly, Batter is out if Fair". When the rule is in effect, the batter may not get on first base.

What happens when a Man is on first popfly in the infiled is this infield fly rule?

If the infielder is under the ball making it look like they are then yes there is an infield fly rule.

What is a batted ball tapped slowly within the infield in baseball?

If the ball remains in fair territory and the batter reaches base safely, it's called an infield hit. If the ball stays in the infield, but rolls into foul territory, it's called a foul ball. Anything else is an out.

What position has priority over all other players for a fly ball?

Whoever calls for the fly ball should get it, but the shortstop controls the infield and the center fielder controls the outfield. An outfielder can call an infielder off of a fly ball too because it is easier to come in on a fly ball than to go out.

Why would a fielder try to catch a ball on an infield fly rule?

In the infield, a pop up has a natural tendency to move back towards the infield, happens down either line and in the area around the plate. So to compensate for the ball moving towards the infield, the catchers glove is positioned so it can move with the ball, rather than stabbing at it.

How do you get an out in baseball?

There are many ways. Some of the most common are as follows;1. catching a batted ball in the air2. tagging a runner3. forcing a runner out4. striking out a batterSome of the less common ones are as follows;1. Infield fly rule - (if there is a runner on any first, and if there is less than 2 outs, and the batter hits a pop up in the infield, the umpires can automatically call the batter out- this prevents the infielder from intentionally dropping the ball, and forcing the double play)2. Dropped strike three - (if there is a two strike count, and if you swing and miss, and if the catcher drops the ball, you can run to first and try to beat the ball)

Does umpire have to call timeout each time ball comes to infield in softball?

The umpire does not have to call time when the ball is in the infield, BUT when the pitcher has it in the circle so the play is OFFICIALLY dead.

How many infield fly home runs?

that is impossible because if you hit an infield fly then your out and the ball is in the in field not over the wall.

Ball goes out before completely going over the base is it fair?

if a batted ball bounces in the infield and crosses over any part of 1st or 3rd base it is to be ruled a fair ball. If the ball has not bounced on the infield, the call is made depending on where it first touches the ground. if in fair territory or on the line it is a fair ball, outside the line is a foul ball. Any ball that physically hits 1st or 3rd base is a fair ball

Is it an infield fly if the ball is in foul territory?

No. The infield fly rule is only for fly balls within the infield. The reason for this is so that a defender cannot intentionally drop a fly ball in order to create a double or triple play. If a fly ball is dropped in foul territory, no runners may advance.

Do you have to tag on the infield rule?

If, (while the infield fly rule is in effect), the ball is caught, the runners must tag up. If the ball is dropped or falls to the ground untouched, the runners may advance at their own risk.Clarification:The infield fly rule was enacted to prevent teams from getting an easy double or triple play by letting a popup in the infield drop. An infield fly is just like any other fly ball, with the exception that the batter is immediately out, with results in the runners not being required to advance in the even that the ball is not caught