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Helen Wills Moody was nicknamed 'Little Miss Poker Face' for her serious and stoic demeanor.

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Q: 7 time US open tennis champion 8 time Wimbledon tennis champ in the 1920's what was her nickname?
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Which French tennis-champion of the 1920s was nicknamed Le Crocodile?

Rene LaCoste

What was nickname for the 1920s?

Roaring Twentys.

Who are the tennis players from the 1920s?


Who was Helen wills?

She is a famous tennis player during 1920s.

How was Helen Wills an influential figure during the 1920's?

Helen Wills (Moody) was an influential figure in the 1920s by being an amazing tennis player and winning over thirty-one Wimbledon titles during her fifteen years of playing. She influenced modern culture by changing the dress of tennis, which used to be floor length skirts with tights. Helen changed it to knee length, white, pleated skirts and a white visor. This was a trend that was made during the 1920s.

Which 1920s golf champion wrote the book golf at the gallop?

George Duncan

Who was the Tennis player during 1920s and 1930s known as 'Hero of the Tennis'?

Bill Tilden of USA, who was also known as 'Big Bill'.

Nickname of the 1920s decade?

The 1920s was known both as "The Roaring 20s" and "The Jazz Age. " Both of these nicknames reflect the importance of culture during this time, as well as how raucously the wealthy partied.

What was a nickname applied to the 1920's?

The 1920s was commonly referred to as "The Roaring 20s".... The 1930s was commonly referred to as "The Dirty Thirties"

What male tennis star won seven US Open Championships in the 1920s?

William tatem tilden (often called "big bill")

What was not a nickname of the 1920s decade?

the 1920's where called the Roaring twenties, the Jazz age And the era of wonderful nonesense. But it was never called Booming Twenties

What are the names of 5 major tennis players from the 1920s?

The names of five randomly chosen major tennis players from the 1920's include, in no particular order: Bill Tilden, Helen Wills Moody, Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, Molla Bjurdstedt Mallory, and Suzanne Lenglen.