60 yard dash world record

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Maurice Greene from the United States is the men's world record holder with 6.39 seconds. He sat the record two times, once in 1998 and once in 2001.

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Q: 60 yard dash world record
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What is the world record 60 yard dash?

Mcrae Witherspoon a junior at the university of pitspurgh ran a 60 yard dash in 5.99 secs.

You run a 6.8 in the 60 meter dash what do you run in the 40 yard dash?

A 6.8 in the 60-meter dash equates to a 4.1 (4.145) in the 40-yard dash.

How fast will your 60 yd be if you run your 40 yard dash in 4.27seconds?

Your 60-yard dash would be 6.4 seconds.

What sprinter ran the fastest 60 yard dash?

I think you may be refering to the 60 meter dash. Maurice Greene holds the record with a time of 6.39 seconds. Here is a video of his 60 meter dash:

Who has the world record in the 60 yard dash?

Maurice Greene. We have to also include 1960's world fastest man, "Bullet" Bob Hayes. Only Person to date, to earn an Olympic Gold Medal and a Superbowl Ring. His time in the 60 yd. dash is an unprecedented time of 5.9 seconds.

Average time for a 10 year old for 60 yard dash?

I am 13 and i am always the fastest kid on all the sports I play i run a 7.4 60 yard dash the average between 7.7-8.8

What is the fastest 60-yard dash time?


What is Derek Jeter's 60 yard dash time?


How do you increase your 60 yard dash?

try running faster

What is carl crwfords 60 yard dash time?


11.0 time in 100 meters is equivalent to what time for 60 yard dash?

An 11.0-second time in 100 meters is equivalent to 6.035 seconds for a 60-yard dash.

Average high school 100 yard dash?

As a 100 yard dash sprinter in the 60's the average time would be about 10.2 to 10.3.

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