60 hands signal of basketball game?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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1. raised fist (foul), 2.raised flat hand (stop the clock), 3. quick flick of the wrist downward (counting ten in backcourt), 4. quick flick of the forearm down (start the clock), 5. flick of two fingers down (score two points), 6. one flick of the index finger down (count one point), 7. raising both arms like a field goal in football (score three points), 8. pointing at the sideline (out of bounds or this is the place to throw the ball in from an out of bounds), 9. rotating the forearms (traveling or incorrect advancement of the ball), 10. single finger in the air drawing a circle (ball did not touch the rim after during a penalty shot), 11. arms extended to the side at shoulder level (time out), 12. tips of fingers put on the shoulders (30 second time out), 13. flat palm held vertically and pointed to one end of the court (direction of play or ownership of the ball in play), 14. open palm pointed at the feet of a player (player who committed a foul), 15. flat palm alternating from palm up to palm down ( backcourt violation at the time line), 16. hands on hips (blocking violation), 17. chopping sign on forearm (hacking or illegal use of hands), 18. crossing of the arms and uncrossing of the arms (field goal not counted), 19. three fingers extended toward the floor under the basket and sweeping forward and backward (three second violation by offense), 20. hand behind the neck (offensive foul), 21. fist shoved forward (offensive foul), 22. palm facing down and tips of other hand touching palm to form a "T" (technical foul), 23-28. fist, one finger, two fingers... displaying the number of the player who committed the foul.

These are a few that I can think of using at this time.

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Q: 60 hands signal of basketball game?
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