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2009/10 : Dirk Kuyt (1).

2008/09 : Steven Gerrard (1).

2007/08 : Fernando Torres (1).

2006/07 : Tim Cahill (1), Andy Johnson (2).

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Q: 5 players to score home goals in the Liverpool v everton derby?
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What player in the Premiership has only scored 2 goals and his surname begins with x?

Xavier. Used to play for Liverpool, Everton and Boro

What premier league teams have scored over 1000 goals since it started?

Man utd chelsea Liverpool Newcastle arsenal everton

Who won the FA Cup in 1986?

Liverpool beat Everton 3-1 in the first all Mersyside FA Cup final with goals from Ian Rush (2) and Craig Johnston. Gary Lineker scored the Everton goal.

How many goals has leon osman scored for everton?

He has scored 25 goals for Everton in 192 appearances

Did Nicolas anelka score an own goal for Manchester united while playing for Liverpool?

Not at Liverpool he did not. See here ( list of all own goals scored by Liverpool players

What was the Liverpool score in their last game of the 1985-86 season?

Liverpool's last game of the 1985-86 season, the FA Cup final against Everton, finished 3 - 1 to Liverpool, in spite of the Reds being 0 - 1 down at half time. An Everton goal by Gary Lineker was cancelled out by two goals from Ian Rush, and one from Craig Johnston.

Who has scored premiership goals for 6 different premiership clubs?

As at 6th Feb 2009 there are 5 players: Nick Barmby - Tottenham, Middlesborough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds & Hull Craig Bellamy - Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City Marcus Bent - Blackburn, Ipswich, Leicester(Loan), Everton, Charlton & Wigan(Loan) Andy Cole - Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City, Portsmouth Les Ferdinand - QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester & Bolton

How many goals did Wayne Rooney score for Everton altogether?

Wayne Rooney scored 17 goals in 77 games for Everton ( in all competitions ).2002 - 03 : 8 Goals ( 6 Premier League Goals & 2 League Cup Goals ),2003 - 04 : 9 Goals ( 9 Premier League Goals ).

Who is the all time scorer for everton?

Duncan Fergerson is the all time scorer for Everton with 60 goals.

Who is the only English man to score 60 goals in a football season?

Wes Brown is the only English player to have scored a goal against Manchester United in the 2008-2009 season. He scored an own goal for Liverpool on September 13th 2008, in a game in which Liverpool won by two goals to one.

Who scored the most goals for everton?

Dixie Dean

How many goals has jelivic scored for everton?

In 24 appearances he has scored 14 goals.