3 of the best players on the lakers?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Here is the entire roster

PG: Derek Fisher 2

SG: Kobe Bryant 24

SF: Ron Artest 15

PF: Pau Gasol 16

C: Andrew Bynum 17


PG: Steve Blake 5

SG: Shannon Brown 12

SF: Matt Barnes 9

PF: Lamar Odom 7

C: Theo Ratliff 50

SF: Luke Walton' 4

PF: Joe Smith 32


Devin Ebanks 3

Derrick Caracter 45

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Q: 3 of the best players on the lakers?
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Who are the best Lakers players ever?

Nessya :) ily :p

How many players are there in the La Lakers?

there are 39

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Is the lakers the best team in the NBA?

The best team is the Lakers.

Is keven love going to the lakers?

He very well could be. He is great and the number 4 best scorer this season. The lakers are talking about trading Pau Gasol and if they get kevin love in return, it will be great for the lakers. the lakers are also talking about trading Andrew Bynum and maybe getting Dwight Howard in return. if they get these two players, it will take them a little time to get adjusted to the lakers but when they do, the lakers will be invincible.

Who are the current 3 NBA players that have played with both lakers and clippers?

Brian Cook, Lamar Odom, Steve Blake

Are the Nets better than the Lakers?

It depends on which year you were talking about. Currently, the Nets would get crushed by the Lakers even if the Lakers star players were absent.

Are the Cleveland Cavilers the best team in the NBA?

Yes, they have the second best record in the NBA. They have great players like LJ. They are undefeated at home. Update...4/1/09...they are the best team in the NBA with the best record. They have lost 3 fewer games than the Lakers.

In 1997 the NBA announced a list of the 50 best players in its history and of them how many played all or significant portions of their careers with the Lakers?


What is the song played to introduce Lakers players?

Snoop and kurput

Which of these players did not play on the Minneapolis lakers team?

Gail Goodrich

Will the lakers get any new players?

yes coming from college