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Tall ships.

More specifically, a Barque or Bark has three masts (possible more) fore and aft rigged mizzen mast.

Barquentine, three masts with all but the foremost fore and aft rigged.

A fully rigged ship, three or more masts, all of them square rigged

A Schooner, three or more masts with fore and aft rigged sails

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Q: 3 masted sailing ship
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What is a 3 masted sailing ship?


What do you call a 3 masted sailing ship?


What was the name of the 3 masted sailing ship used by the Barbary Pirates?


What do you call a 3 masted ship beginning with an x?

A xebec is a three-masted ship of the Mediterranean.

What is the name of the 3-masted sailing vessel invented by the Portuguese?

A caravel is a ship with 3 masts. To see a photo of a delightful model of a caravel, click on the Related Link.

How fast was a 3 masted sailing ship?

For a short period of time [1 or 2 hours] the could sail up to 20 knots/h

What is an egptian word that starts with x?

An Egyptian word that starts with X is : "Xebec" meaning 3 masted Mediterranean sailing ship with long overhanging bow ans stern.

What does the USS Constitution have 3 of?

The USS Constitution is a 3-masted Heavy Frigate. In sailing, the masts (bow to stern) on a square-rigged sailing vessel are the Foremast, Mainmast, and the Mizzenmast.

What do you call a 3 masted ship beginning with a b?

A barque has 3 (or sometimes more) masts.

What are some words that start with an X and their definitions?

Xeric is an adjective that describes something as being very dry. Xebec is a type of 3-masted sailing ship. Xanthelasma is a yellow-colored fatty deposit around the eyelids.

Whats Another name for a sailing vessel?

1) A Ship 2) A sailing dinghy 3) A sailboat

What kind of ship did vasco da gama use?

A big sailing ship (with 3 others)

At noon ship A is 20 nautical miles due west of ship B Ship A is sailing west at 15 knots and ship B is sailing north at 17 knots How fast is the distance between the ships changing at 3?

we dont know

What is the origin of the word embark?

Embark is to board a ship - specifically the large 3 masted Bark or more appropriately spelled barque

What is Ship sailing time from Mumbai to Singapore?


How does one handle a three masted ship in a storm and what are the steps in detail?

to handie any ship in a severe storm could involve a lot of skills, for instance it is possible for a ship to burst or brake in two in storms or hurricanes, that is why a skilled Captain will choose to keep the ship´s bow either in the wind at no speed or stern(transom) in the wind until the storm has subdued, a three masted ship in a severe storm should lower all sails except the smallest one on the mast closest to the bow, and try to keep the transom in the wind at all times, it´s good to know that the 3 mast´s and riggins alone can help the ship to capside

What is another name for sailing vessel?

There are many different classes of sailing vessels, but the main one is a yacht.1) A Ship2) A sailing dinghy3) A sailboat

What is another word for galleon?

Four words you can use instead of galleon: 1. Carrack 2. Carack 3. Sailing Ship 4. Sailing Vessel

How much fuel an hour does a cargo ship use?

Obviously it depends of the size of the ship, of its speed and of the type of engine. For instance a new 220m long container ship, sailing at 23 knots, uses about 3 or 4 tons of heavy fuel an hour.

What did Francis Drake's ship look like?

The Golden Hind was classified as a galleon, which meant it was a 3 or 4 masted sailing ship with 5 or 6 square sails. It was 120 feet long and very narrow and high. It had about 4 or 5 decks. It was, of course, fully made of wood. The original ship rotted away in about the 1700's. Think a smaller and more colorful version of the ships from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and you have an idea of what it looked like. A replica of the Golden Hind is docked in Southwark in London. It's an interesting site jammed between two large buildings.

How many sails on a sailing ship?

It depends what type of sailing ship: Modern, racing dinghies have between 1 and 3 Old, battleships like those in Pirates of the Caribbean can have 15 or more! In general though, a sailing boat has the large mainsail, a smaller foresail or jib, and perhaps a large balloon-like spinnaker at the very front.

How much money did it cost to go on the Mayflower?

I tried to find the answer to this question and didn't come up with the cost of the trip. I did find out that a 60 ton ship the Speedwell was bought by the Piligrams, but not used and that the Mayflower was leased. It had been used for shipping wine, was 3 masted and 180 tons. The individuals on the ship did not pay for passage from what I can figure out.

Can used tires be used as ballast in sailing ships?

Wind tries to push the sailing ship over. Ballast, as you know, tries to keep the sailing ship upright. Here's how:Floating boats have buoyancy, water pushing the ship up, gravity pushing it back down. If buoyancy is greater than the pull of gravity, the ship floats. But, because the ship has weight, it sinks a little into the water, making some of the water move away. The sailing ship is said to displace that water. By the way, the amount of water that is displaced (moved away) will weigh the exact same as the weight of the sailing ship! So, people will refer to the ship's displacement rather than how much it weighs.Because of the upward push of the water is greater than the downward pull of gravity, we have what is called the centre of bouyancy. Usually, it is quite high, inside the hull of the sailing ship. But gravity's pull also has a centre, too. That is usually lower inside the hull of the sailing ship. In fact, the lower that centre of gravity is OR the higher the centre of buoyancy is, the better. The distance between the two centres is called the sailing ship's metacentric height. The larger the metacentric height, the more a sailing ship will "want" to stay right-side-up.Rubber (which tires are made of) does not weight very much compared to lead (the metal.) 100 pounds of tires will weigh the exact same as 100 pounds of lead. The thing is, however, 100 pounds of tire (tyre) will probably take up as much space for about two tires. One hundred pounds of lead, on the other hand, will probably fit in your hands... yes, still weighing 100 pounds!So, if you only have 3 or 4 cubic feet to put ballast in, you want to get as much weight in that volume as you can. Two tires can fit into 4 cubic feet which, as I said, is about 100 pounds (in a small sailing ship, eh?) However, in 4 cubic feet of lead, that should be in the thousands of pounds! That will, of course, bring the centre of gravity way down near the bottom of the sailing ship. This will be much further away from the centre of buoyance and, therefore, give a much bigger metacentric height (the two centres will be further apart, vertically.) The larger the metacentric height, the more stronger the sailing ship will be in remaining upright.Yes, you can use tires (tyres) as ballast, but lead would be very much better. (Lead is also more expensive than rubber. Ship builders have been known to use steel plates, steel nails, or even, sometimes, concrete! Both are much more efficient at getting the centre of gravity down low compared to rubber. But the best is lead.

What is A sailing boat with 3 hulls?

A trimaran is a sailing yacht with three parallel hulls.

A carpenter is sailing on a ship and the ship springs a leak He measures the hole and it us exacly 12 inches square The only piece of wood he has was 9 inches by 16 inches He thinks about it and cut?

He will have to make 3 cuts to the 9 by 16 piece of wood which will give him a 9 by 12 piece and 3 pieces of 3 by 4 which will fit exactly into the 12 by 12 hole.

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