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If you mean a jump, it could refer to any of the 360 degree rotation jumps (single salchow, toe-loop, loop, flip, or lutz). If you mean a turn without leaving the ice it could be a single rotation twizzle (a turn that rotates and travels down the ice continuously on one foot) or, if it's on two feet: a turn that is generally referred to simply as a "360". Hope this answered your question.

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There are several different "360" turns in figure skating (flip, loop, lutz, toe-loop). What makes them different from one another is whether or not the jump is generated from jumping off of just the blade, the skaters toe pick, the edge the blade is on and whether or not the jump takes off with the skater skating forwards or backwards.

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It's a jump where you rotate one time around, hence the "full turn"

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Q: 360 degree turn in figure skating called?
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Figure skating is a sport, and you do not need to have any particular education to be a figure skater, though I would recommend getting an education in case the figure skating career doesn't turn out as you had hoped.

What are figure skating techniques?

There's so many figure skating techniques! For beginners, there are swizzles, backward wiggling, pumps, etc. For more advanced-ers, there are ladders, mohawk crossovers, 3-turn taptoes, etc.

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1/4 of a circle is a 90 degree turn

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A 45 degree turn is an angle

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How do you stop in figure skating and skiing?

In figure skating, there are a bunch of ways to stop. The most common ones are the T-stop, and Hockey stop. To do the T-stop, you put your feet like a backwards T (whichever foot is most comfortable for you) and angle your back foot so that you stop. The hockey stop seems somewhat easier; to do this, you must turn your foot (again, whichever is easier) to the side and slightly angle it.

What do you call a twisted circle?

I believe your are talking about a 3D figure called a Mobius strip. It is a strip of paper that has a half-turn in it that causes technically a one sided figure.

When did Zero Degree Turn end?

Zero Degree Turn ended in 2007-11.

What is the duration of Zero Degree Turn?

The duration of Zero Degree Turn is 3000.0 seconds.

How can you get the figure skating axle?

Well generally you have to be a freestyle 3 figure skater in order to be able to do this jump... but after learning the waltz jump and salchow, you should know how to dig in your toepick to jump. To wind up, you are basically just skating(backwards) with your good leg extended behind you, and dig it in and turn counter-clockwise while bringing your arms in towards you leaving the ice with your legs together like in a scratch spin. Land with your bad leg extended behind you...

Figure skating jump incorporating midair turns?

Forward turning jump is called an Axel. It was named after the inventor Axel Paulson who first performed it in 1882. Skating before that time was a two footed pass time that did not leave the ice. If you mean whether there are jumps that turn in both direction in the air ... kinda. Todd Eldgredge used to do one that turned about 1/4 revolution each way. I believe you can see it in his 92 Olys LP; don't really remember.