2 worst nhl teams right now?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Right now

1) Carolina Hurricanes

2) Toronto maple leafes

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Q: 2 worst nhl teams right now?
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How many teams does the NHL have?

The NHL is comprised of 30 teams - 24 in the United States and 6 in Canada.

How many hockey teams are there now?

30 in NHL

What are the names of the best teams in this world?

Right now the best team in the NHL is the New York Rangers and the best teams in the world are Canada and Russia Hope this helps :)

How is the NHL structured?

Right now the NHL is structured into two conferences: an Eastern Conference and a Western Conference.Each of these Conferences has three divisions with five teams eachEastern Conference: (15 teams)Atlantic Division (5 teams)Northeast Division (5 teams)Southeast Division (5 teams)Western Conference: (15 Teams)Central Division (5 teams)Northwest Division (5 teams)Pacific Division (5 teams)A Total of 30 teams.

How many NHL teams have taken a 3-0 in the finals?

1 the habs now they suck

Does NHL 09 for the PS3 have trophies?

No, Not as of right now.

What are facts about the NHL?

they stared ed with only 6 teams an now have ALOT MOREhope this help ;0--------------

How many NHL games will be played by each team in 2013?

Due to a lockout during the 2012-13 season, NHL teams will now play 48 games instead of their originally scheduled 82.

What country has produced the most NHL players?

Canada by a landslide, right now over 50% of the NHL is Canadian's

Do the Oakland Raiders suck?

Right now they are among the worst teams in the NFL, having posted just one season as high as 8-8 since losing the Superbowl in 2002.

Were the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets the 31st and 32nd teams to enter the NHL and how come there are only 30 now?

AnswerNo, the Wild and Blue Jackets were the 29th and 30th teams to enter the NHL. They entered the league in the 2000-2001 season and both were placed in the Western Conference to balance the number of teams in each conference. The season prior there were 15 teams in the Eastern Conference and 13 in the Western Conference. There never has been more than 30 teams in the NHL.

Is Pittsburgh penguins the worst team in the NHL?

Absoulutely not! they have alot of talent coming from crosby, malkin , letang, gologoski and staal when he comes back. all of there players are extremely skilled! the worst team in the nhl right now is the Edmenton Oilers. im saying this as a Minnesota Wild fan, i live in minnesota(the state of hockey) and have been playing for a while so i know what im talking about