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Q: 2 sporting events in the ancient olympics?
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How many events competed in one afternoon in the ancient Olympics?


What are the biggest sporting events in the world of all times?

1)FIFA World Cup 2)OLYMPICS 3)CRICKET World Cup

What are the biggest sporting events in the world in terms of business?

1 olympics 2 fifa world cup 3 cricket world cup 4 winter olympics 5 wimbledon

Ancient Olympic events?

these were the events which were held in ancient olympics such as swimming,shooting etc.

What were the sporting events in the 1960's?

all most the same as 2 day's

What are five top similarities between ancient and modern Olympics?

Similarities 1. Held every four years 2. There are many of the same events 3. They compete Differences 1. Only men could compete in ancient Olympics 2. Ancient Olympics were held to honor the ancient Greek god, Zeus 3. They didn't have ice skating, bobsledding, or the luge in ancient Olympics 4. In the ancient Olympics the men had to compete nude

Are there any sporting events in the Bible?

Paul compares faith to running a race in 1 Corinthians 9:24 and 2 Timothy 4:7. Marathons and sporting events were well known in Greek culture and throughout the Roman empire especially in Corinth which held "Olympics-style" games every 2 years.

What are two events that occurred in Australia?

The 1956 and 2000 olympics just to name 2.

How many swimming events in 2012 Olympics?

There are 34 swimming events out of the 46 in Aquatics. There are also 8 Diving events and 2 events each for Synchronized swimming and Water polo

In Which sporting events India won medals Olympics?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing: * Field Hockey - 11 medals (8 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) * Shooting - 2 medals (1 gold, 1 silver) * Athletics - 2 medals (2 silver) * Wrestling - 2 medals (2 bronze) * Boxing, Tennis, Weightlifting - 1 bronze medal each

What is a snack that's sold at sporting events?

1. Hotdog 2.popcorn 3.peanuts 4.nachos 5.pretzels

What sporting event was re-introduced from the 1924 Olympics to the 2012 olympics?

There were none of the 26 Sports not played in 2008 and there were 2 Softball and Baseball played in 2008 and not in 2012. You might mean an event , but definitely it was not a sport or even a discipline