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Yes,it could beat it if they was both going as fast as they can.

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Q: 200 Yamaha blaster vs Yamaha raptor 350?
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Who made the 350 raptor?

the raptor quad is made by yamaha

Top speed of a Yamaha raptor 350?

The raptor 350 is slow. My 2008 Ktm85sx beat it. never by a raptor.

What is faster a Yamaha 350 banshee or Yamaha 700 raptor?

the banshee 350 is faster. nope Yamaha raptor 700r is faster look it up on youtube.

What is a 2008 Yamaha yfm35rxgy?

It is a Yamaha RAPTOR 350; an All Terrain Vehicle

What is the legal age to ride a Yamaha Raptor 350?


What is the horse power for a Yamaha 350 raptor?


Where to buy a cheap Yamaha Raptor 350?

Classaficados online

What is the difference between 2005 Yamaha Raptor 350 special edition and a 2005 Yamaha Raptor 350?

The have different plastics, but the special edition is a six speed while the base model 350 is a five speed.

Your kid is 14 and he has a Yamaha blaster but he rids your kawasakai kfx 400 and you want to buy him a new qaud do jou tink a Yamaha banshee is a goed qaud for him?

you should buy him a Yamaha raptor 350 or a Honda 300ex a banshee is a very high performance quad for an adult a

Will a Yamaha raptor 350 motor fit on a Yamaha warrior 350 frame?

Wiring harness is differant but other wise its all the same

Will a Yamaha warrior 350 motor fit on a Yamaha raptor 350 frame?

Yes, the warrior motor should fit the raptor, there is no difference, but if you plan on selling the raptor make sure it is the newer motor with that stock gray look, not the older black motors.

What is the valve settings on a Yamaha raptor 350?

The Yamaha 350 raptor is the same thing as a Yamaha warrior just with liquid cooling the motors still basically all the same the valve setting on my 2000 warrior are .004 on intake and .006 on exhaust