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Angel Cabrera.

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Q: 2009 winner of the master golf tournament?
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When was the 2009 Master's golf tournament?

The 2009 Master's was April 9-12, 2009 at Augusta National.

How much Money will the 2010 Master winner get?

$ 1,350,000 was the announced prize money for first place in the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament.

What is golf winner called?

the master of golf

Who won the Master's Golf tournament in 1993?

The 1993 Master's Golf tournament was won by Bernard Langer with a score of 277.

When did the Master golf tournament start?


Who was the Winner of masters golf tournament in 1958?

Arnold Palmer

What is the cash prize for winning the masters golf tournament?

In 2011, the champion of the Master's Tournament won $1,440,000 dollars. The amount given to the winner of the tournament changes periodically so there is no set amount that is won each year.

When was the first Master Golf Tournament played?


What is the flower associated with the Master golf tournament?


How much did the 89th Golf Tournament pay to the winner?

$2.1 million

Does the winner of a golf tournament receive the prize money immediately or sometime after the tournament ends?

The Golfer receives the prize after the tournament ends.

Is the winner of the masters golf tournament automatically a member?

The winner of the Masters becomes an honorary member of the club.