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Arron Afflao
Chris Andersen
Malik Allen
Carmelo Anthony
Renaldo Balkman
J.R Smith
Chanucey Billups
Joey Graham
Ty Lawson
Anthony Carter
Keyon Martin
Johan Perto

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Q: 2009 nba denver nuggets alphabatically number order roster?
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Who is Coby Karl?

== == Basketball player for Boise State. He's now trying to win a spot on the roster of the LA Lakers. He is the son of Denver Nuggets coach George Karl. Coby currently is playing in the Developmental League (also known as the D-League) and is not on the Lakers roster.

Are there any natives in the NBA?

Unfortunately, no. There has never been a Native-American NBA player. The closest to date that a Native-American has came to being on a NBA roster is Warlance Foster, who had a tryout with the Denver Nuggets in 2003.

Who was on the Denver Broncos team roster 1986?

John Elway

Who was quarterback Denver Broncos 1982?

The 1982 Denver Broncos had three quarterbacks on the roster: Steve DeBerg, Craig Morton and Mark Herrmann.

Is there a former bronco named obed del toro?

No , check the denver broncos roster where there .unless he.never.made.the roster in tht case he shud have letters proving tht situation

Did Jerry Rice play for Denver Broncos?

Yes. He briefly played for the Denver Broncos, however when he discovered that he would not be given a starting spot on the roster, he chose instead to retire.

What current NFL team has the most players from Texas?

The Denver Brocos with 32 players from Texas on its 2013 roster

Who are the members of the Denver baseball team?

The Colorado Rockies, like any other MLB team has a 40 man roster. Teams have to keep 25 players on an active roster throughout the season.

What is a roster in basketball?

A list of the players with name and number.

What is the roster method of odd number lessthan 5?


What is Donovan McNabb's jersey number?

He is number 5 on the roster with the Philadelphia Eagles. yea biy!

Who is number 14 and 20 in this Chicago Blackhawks picture?

there is currently no number 14 on the Blackhawks roster.