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Q: 2004 fleer greats of the game blue Eli Manning RC that has no serial number my other Eli Manning blue cards are to 999 how or who can you get pricing or more info about this card thank you?
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What is the value of a Charles Daly semi-auto 12 gauge serial number 102241?

Serial numbers are less important in pricing than information on condition .

What the pricing on a marlin 3030 model 336 serial number 46594?

Between 200-350 dollars depending on overall condition of the wood and metal,and a good bore.

What is value of Browning 16 Serial X8080?

The gun with this serial number was made in 1947. The value depends on whether it is a Sweet 16 or a Standard weight 16. Check the link below for information on pricing Browning Auto-5 16's.

Pricing forehand 12ga dbl shotgun Hopkins an Allen arms co?

i have a single barreal shot gun with the serial number s 3641 can you tell me what year this is and what it's worth

What is serial number of gta punjab when you install the game?

please provide serial no of gta punjab to install it

Where can a consumer get wholesale pricing on ethernet to serial converters?

To get wholesale pricing, one must be a retail seller and thus most consumers can not get these prices unless they can make a deal through a retailer.

Where can you find information on an American Gun Co Victor Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000?

You can find information on the American Gun Co. Victory Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000 online at places like Shot Gun World. You can also find information and pricing on Gun Broker.

What is the serial number of IDM

DM Serial Number serial number

What is the age and value of a ruger mark 1 serial number 132-81927?

Go to the Ruger website, select customer service, historical data, pistols, Mk I, and there is a serial number range list for different years. Value of a Mk I will depend on condition, type barrel, sights, etc, but typically anywhere from $100- 200. RED eagle Mk Is have their own pricing structure.

What is the serial number for Dexter the game?

Whats serial number Dexter the game

Can you get an esn number with a serial number?

serial number mavis beacon

How can you determine the year a Winchester Cooey Model 39 rifle was produced?

By the serial number on the rifle.

What is the age of a model 58 smith and Wesson serial number 00301?

e The serial number you listed is not a Model 58 serial number. the serial number starts with an "S"

When was this rifle manufactured -Remington C12 Serial number 427990?

The serial number 4279990 is a partial serial number for this rifle. To determine the date the rifle was manufactured you need to provide a complete serial number that begins with letters.

How do you reQUISTER a gun with out a serial number?

First, I think you mean register. In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to register ordinary firearms. Now, about the serial number- it is unlawful to REMOVE a serial number, or to possess a gun that has had the SN removed. However, there are guns that do not HAVE a serial number, and they are legal. Rifles and shotguns made prior to 1968 were not required to have serial number. Those guns are listed as NSN- No Serial Number- on paperwork that asks for a serial number.

Did Fender build serial number E 909095?

The answer is that serial number E909095 is a genuine Fender serial number dating from 1989.

On the DD Form 2026 where would you input the engine serial number?

You would put the engine serial number under "Equipment Serial Number"

What was the serial number of the Titanic?

The serial number of the titanic is 16458990231

Where is the serial number on a xbox 360?

the serial number is on the back

How do you find serial number of thunder?

serial number of thunder

Do handguns have a serial number?

Yes, handguns have a serial number.

You want the serial number for xblades?

serial number for xblades pc game

Can you give you a history on an Ithaca model 37 serial 1849982?

That is not the serial number. It is the Patent Number. The serial number is found below this number. The Model 37 I have has this patent number on it and the serial number is 24071. I would also like to know the manufacture date of this rifle.

What year smith and Wesson serial number k 66913 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your serial number dates to the year 1948.

What is the year and model of a boat with serial number 27030?

The serial number 27030 is not directly associated with a particular boat. That number is most likely a partial serial number.