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fuel air mix= 1 turn Idle = 2 turns after contact with slide in carb Set carb first, then oil pump pump = align two marks, one on cable lever, one on pump casting

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Q: 1985 skidoo formula mx 470 carburetor spects?
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What type of oil is used for the rotary valves in a 1985 Ski-doo Formula MX?

Two stroke oil, mineral based, I recomend using the oil from Skidoo.

If you replace a quadrajet carburetor with a holley carburetor on an 1985 305 do you have to change the distributor?

There is no reason you would have to.

What carburetor is used on a 1985 351W?

Holley 4180

Does the 1985 caprice classic have a carburetor?

what is symbol 8 in the vin ??

Is a 1985 Chevy k10 Scottsdale fuel injected?

No it is not, It has a CARBURETOR

Where is the carburetor on a 1985 Chevy Silverado?

on top of the engine, under the air cleaner

Does a carburetor from a 1985 V6 pick up fit on a 1979 Chevy 350?


How much does it cost for a carburetor for a 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue?

$300 - $400

Does a 1985 ltd crown Victoria have a throttle body or a carburetor?

As far as I know both the 5.0 and 5.8 liter V8 engines in a ( 1985 ) LTD Crown Victoria have a carburetor ( starting with the 1986 model , the 5.0 liter V8 engine was fuel injected , but the 5.8 still used a carburetor )

Clean the carburetor on a 1985 Honda xr200r?

Cleaning the carburetor is pretty simple. While the car is on, spray carb cleaner into the carburetor and wipe it with a dry lint free rag. A person can also take the carburetor out of the vehicle and clean it bit by bit.?æ

F you replace a quadrajet carburetor with a holley carburetor on an 1985 305 What is the change in horsepower?

Very little, if any at all. The carburetor is not what makes the horse power, The rotateing system and Valve train is what makes HP.

Where is the Idle screw on a 1985 civic 1.5 carburetor?

it should be were the cable lincage is on your carberator