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Yes, The Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams (or St. Louis Rams), and the Detroit Lions.

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Minnesota Vikings.

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Q: 1970 through 1979 was there a football team that never won in a super bowl game 4 times?
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How many times has Georgia played Minnesota in football?

0 ... the teams have never met in football through the 2010 regular season.

How many times has the 49 ers beat the Dallas cowboys in the super bowl?

The Cowboys and the 49ers can never play in the Super Bowl because they are both in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is between NFC teams and American Football Conference teams.

How many times have the Houston Texans gone to the super bowl?

Through the 2010 National Football League season, the Houston Texans are one of four teams that have never played in a Super Bowl. The three other teams are the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What NFL football team has won the super bowl back to back 2 different times?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the only team to do that is the Pittsburgh Steelers who won Super Bowls IX and X and then won XIII and XIV.

What football team has the leading record for times in the Super Bowl?

dallas cowboys

What football teams have won the least amount of times in the Super Bowl?

my penis your mom!

How many times the falcons won the Super Bowls?

The Falcons have never won a Super Bowl.

How many times Germany beat Italy in football?


How many times have the Browns been in the super bowl?

The Cleveland Browns have never appeared in a Super Bowl.

What pro football team has been to the super bowl the most times?

Dallas Cowboys with 8.

How many times has Japan won the football World Cup?

Japan has never won the football world cup.

How many times ga and lsu played each other in football?