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Q: 1970 fa cup who scored in every round?
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How many players have scored in every round in fa cup?

Peter Osgood in 1970. No one has scored in every round in the same year as no team who contested the first round has ever got to the final. Peter Osgood scored in every round from the 3rd to the final in 1970 Jimmy Greaves has contested every round from first qualifying round to the final with various clubs in his career. In 1901 Spurs won the cup when they were a non league team, maybe the answers is there.

Who scored the most goals in the 1970 world cup?

Gerd Müller (10 goals)

Who is scored a hatrick in every English league the fa cup the league cup and his country?


Jairzinho scored in all six of Brazil's matches during the 1970 World Cup?


Name the player who scored in all of Brazil's matches in the 1970 world cup finals?


Name the Brazilian player who scored the ever best world cup goals in the 1970 world cup final?

It is the great Pele.

What is the name of the Brazilian player who scored one of the best ever world cup goals in the 1970 world cup final?

Carlos Alberto.

How many times was Argentina runner up in wolrd cup?

In the competition proper, Argentina have qualified for the World Cup on fifteen occasions, missing just four World Cup competitions. They withdrew from the competition in 1938, 1950 and 1954, and failed to qualify for the 1970 competition.Their goal-scoring record in the remaining competitions are:1930 - Scored 18, Conceded 9 (2nd place)1934 - Scored 2, Conceded 3 (exited in the first round)1958 - Scored 5, Conceded 10 (exited in the first round)1966 - Scored 4, Conceded 2 (quarter finals)1978 - Scored 15, Conceded 4 (champions)1982 - Scored 8, Conceded 7 (exited in the second round)1986 - Scored 14, Conceded 5 (champions)1990 - Scored 5, Conceded 4 (2nd place)1994 - Scored 8, Conceded 6 (round of 16)1998 - Scored 10, Conceded 4 (quarter finals)2002 - Scored 2, Conceded 2 (exited in the first round)2006 - Scored 11, Conceded 3 (quarter finals)Excluding the 2010 tournament, this is a total of 118 goals from 18 competitions. In comparison, they have conceded 71 goals.

Who scored 6 goals in a single game in the premierleague?

Ted McDougall in F.A. Cup for Man. Utd. v Bournemouth in a 9-0 win around 1974. This is incorrect. Ted MacDougall scored 6 in an 8-1 win over Oxford City in the FA Cup in 1970. A year later he scored 9 in the FA Cup against Margate in a 11-0 first round massacre. Both games were as a Bournemouth player.

Who scored the most goals in an fa cup tie?

Ted MacDougall scored nine goals when Bournemouth beat Margate 11-0 in the first round of the 1971-72 season.

Who scored the last goal of Brazil's 4-1 win over Italy in the 1970 World Cup?

carlos alberto Torres

Who is the only player who has scored for 2 countries in one world cup?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands is the only player to score goals for both teams in same match in one world cup. In 1978 fifa world cup second round match against Italy, he scored an own goal in the 18th minute, and then scored the equalizer for the Netherlands in the 50th minute.