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They are good

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Q: 15 facts about football of Spain?
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What is some basic facts about Barcelona?

its in Spain, it really hot, it has horrible food, and the spanish football team that won Spain the world cup is there

Who is Spain's football manager?

The football manager of Spain is vincente Del Bosquet.

When did Spain start a soccer team?

Its called Football, not Soccer. Football was developed in Britain, not America. Spain developed football after we introduced it to them.

Does Spain have government facts about you?

Yes. If you go to the official website of the Kingdom of Spain, you can find out facts about its government.

What are facts in Spain?

what are the most important events in Spain?

How long has Torres played football for?

Fernando Torres joined athletic o Madrid in Spain at the age of 15 years roughly

Which football club has the biggest fan base in Spain?

The football club with the biggest fan club in Spain is Barcelona football team.

Where is rayo vallocano football club based in Spain?

The football club 'Rayo vallocano' is based in madrid, spain.

How many people come to Spain to watch football?

nearly 60000000000000000 people come to watch football in Spain

What football team wear red and blue?

Spain and Barcelona For European football Spain and Barcelona for american football the New york giants.

What is the history behind football in Spain?

In the European country of Spain, the most popular sport is football. The first football club was Recreativo de Huevla and was formed in 1889. Spain is the current FIFA world cup champion team.

Which football club is the best football in Spain?

FC Barcelona

How many football stadium are in Spain?


What is a game played by kids in Spain?


What are some facts about football gloves?

There are not facts about football gloves, because they are a boring topic, so therefore nobody cares...

What is the capital sport in Spain?

Most of the people in Spain love football.

How many football teams does Spain has?

Spain has 50 teams in total

Who is better than Spain in football?

no one is better than Spain

How many football teams are there in Spain?

There are 21,649 registered clubs in Spain.

What are some historical football facts?

When were football boots invented

Is there any facts about Spain?


What are three good facts about football team japan?

Three good facts about football team Japan are pass, speed and teamwork.

Where can you get facts about football?


Which football team plays at Mestalla in Spain?

Valencia Valencia C.F., Spain

What are the most famous sports in Spain?

The most famous sport in Spain is football!