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The 12 largest countries at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: # China - 639 athletes # The United States - 596 athletes # Russia - 467 athletes # Germany - 463 athletes # Australia - 433 athletes # Japan - 351 athletes # Italy - 344 athletes # Canada - 332 athletes # France - 323 athletes # Great Britain - 312 athletes # Spain - 286 athletes # Brazil - 277 athletes

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Q: 12 countries that are going to the Beijing Olympics?
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How many countries in the 2008 olymipics?

204 National Olympic Committees participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Not all of these committees represent a sovereign nation, however. Vatican City and Kosovo were two countries that did not participate, and Brunei (who does have a NOC) also did not participate in the Olympics that year. So in total, 192 countries participated in addition to 12 dependent/autonomous territories. The 2008 Beijing Olympics were the first Olympics that Serbia and Montenegro competed in separately, and were also the first Olympics for the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

How many football teams are competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

16 in the men's competition and 12 in the women's.

How many countries participated in the 1904 Olympics?

44 countries participated in the 1924 Summer Olympics. 16 countries participated in the 1924 Winter Olympics.

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How many medals did Italy win at the Beijing Olympics?

12 gold metals, 7 silver metals and 10 bronze metals

When is the summer Olympics going to be?

July 27 - August 12

How long is the 2012 Olympics going to be?

July 27 - August 12

Which countries compete in the winter Olympics?

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What was the score between lee Chong wei and lin dan in the Beijing Olympics?

Lin Dan won the game in two sets. 21-12 and 21-8

How many Olympics have Kenya participated in?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, Kenya has competed in 15 Olympic Games, 12 Summer Games and 3 Winter Games.