10 soccer rules

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Law 1 : The Field of Play - This rule specifies the dimensions of all the following items:The Soccer Goal Area The Penalty Area The Height of the Flag Posts The Corner

Arcs The Actual Goal - its position on the field and the size of it's posts, crossbar and opening. The Minimum and Maximum field size - Width & Depth, and the circumference of the Center Circle. If permitted under the applicable competition rules, matches may be played on a natural turf or artificial turf surface. In the case of artificial turf, the surface must meet the requisite quality standards (i.e. the FIFA Quality Concept for Artificial Turf or the International Artificial Turf Standard).

Law 2 : The Ball - The Qualities and Measurements of the soccer ball.

Law 3 : The Number of Players - The Minimums & Maximum number of players required to play a game. Substitution Procedures - How to deal with substitution of player before, during game. No more than six substitutions per team shall be permitted in friendly matches.

Law 4 : The Player's Equipment Safety First as mandated by the soccer rules.

Law 5 : The Referee What the Referee's Authority Covers Powers and Duties of the Referee The Decision of the Referee is Final

Law 6 : The Assistant Referee - The Duties of the Asst Referee.

Law 7 : The Duration of the Match Periods of Play Half-time Allowance of Lost Time Penalty Kicks Extra Time.

Law 8 : The Start and Restart of Play Pre-game - coin toss Kickoff Game Procedures Dropped Ball to Restart play.

Law 9 : The Ball In and Out of Play - How a ball is determined whether it is In or Out of Play.

Law 10 : The Method of Scoring How the ball is Scored Determining the Winning Team. With regard to the method for determining the winner of a match, the IFAB ruled in favour of extra-time, consisting of two periods of no more than 15 minutes each, followed by kicks from the penalty mark. As a result, matches will no longer be decided by "golden goal" or "silver goal".

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Q: 10 soccer rules
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