10 olympic sports

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tennis , Fencing , rowing , judo , sailing , shoting , hockey , gymnastics and volleyball

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Q: 10 olympic sports
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What are the 10 sports of the Olympic decathlon?


What are the 10 main olympic sports?

The ten main olympic sports are1.Tennis2.Swimming3.Foot Ball4.Weight Lifting5.Long Jump6.Gymnastics7.Running Race8.High Jump9.Relay Race10.Shooting

When did sports coaching begin?

It was 10 years after after the first olympic games had been held 25 years ago!

Name 10 sports that feature in the Olympic?

soccer, gymnastics,, swimming, shooting, judo, table tennis, athletics, diving, boxing, and badminton

How many sports can be found in the ancient olympic games?

when it started there was only sprinting.but they added 10 so there were 11 when it started there was only sprinting.but they added 10 so there were 11

Can you list 10 Olympic sports?

Archery, Swimming, long jump, high jump, qymnastics, track, tennis, baseball, boating, and BMX biking!

What are 10 sports that feature in the Olympics?

Sports featured in the Olympics can vary according to the season. Sports featured in the summer Olympics include swimming, basketball, boxing, fencing and volleyball. Winter Olympic sports include figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

Is there any Scottish athletes in the 2008 GB Olympic team?

There are 31 Scottish athletes competing at the 2008 Olympics in 12 sports. 10% of the total GB team. Hope this helps

What is a athletic contest of 10 sports called?

A decathlon is an athletic contest consisting of 10 sports.

When was Backyard Sports series created?

Backyard Sports series was created on 1997-10-10.

How much does it cost to get in the olympic village?


Which olympic event has 10 events?

A decatholon

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