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Q: 'is it ok to do yoga a day before a basketball game'?
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If I hike and later in the day play basketball will it affect my bball game?

Maybe. Sometimes you might get tired and need some rest before the game starts. If you don't feel tired you will have a very good basketball game.

What is a basketball game day routine?

Coke and hos

In high school basketball do you have to be at school on a game day?

No it actually doesn't matter as long as you get to school 4 hours before. JSN

When was the first game of basketball played?

December 21st, 1891 is the first day basketball was played.

How long should you do yoga for in one day?

You can do you yoga 15-30 minutes in one day. You can watch a yoga DVD in the related link for complete yoga workout.

Does major league baseball teams travel the day of the game or the day before the game?

Normally it's the day before the game.

What are the 2 days during a year on which there are no professional football baseball basketball or hockey games?

This usually happens the day before and the day after Major League Baseball's All-Star Game.

What are yoga rules?

Early morning, one to two hours before sunrise is best time for yoga as preferred by yogis. Bowels must be passed before doing yoga. You may take bath before yoga practice. Be patient, it takes time to set to new routine. Otherwise there is no sacrosanct time for yoga. You can practice yoga anytime of the day. Only precaution is that your stomach must be empty at time of doing yoga. Meals should be taken 3 hours prior to yoga practice, but you can drink water if thirsty. Preferably fix a particular time of the day for yoga, it will help you to maintain regular yoga practice. All Yoga exercises should be performed on the hard floor, using a rug or mat for support. Ideal place for doing yoga is outdoors, if weather permits. For indoors practice, place for doing yoga should be spacious, well ventilated and without any disturbances. To get better results, earmark about 30 minutes to one hour daily for yoga practice.

What is a typical day for a professional basketball player?

a typical day is to wake up get dress and to go to a game or practice

What is duck-on-a-rock?

A game in which James Naismith based modern-day basketball off of.

On what day did Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points in a basketball game?

March 2, 1962

How do you use basketball in a sentence?

"I love playing basketball with my friends." "Today is the first day for basketball try-outs." "That basketball still needs to be inflated." "Hey, pass me the basketball!" "Is basketball the most popular sport?" "First one to score 21 points wins the basketball game."

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